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Who we are

We’ve discovered that attempting to thrive while living “off grid” isn’t very effective. Following Jesus’ command, “Follow me,” we’re dedicated to fully engaging in his life and mission. If you get close enough, you’ll notice that we’re still a work in progress and haven’t arrived yet. We’re not a religious showroom, but rather, a spiritual repair shop where the broken are embraced and encouraged to discover hope, healing, and support. To put it differently, we’re a clinic for the soul. Whether we need a major overhaul or just routine maintenance, we find assistance through community, prayer, and the teachings or God’s Word. We are currently seeking a Lead Pastor to join our team and provide spiritual leadership, guidance, and effective communication to our congregation. We are a member of the larger family of churches called the Pacific Conference of The Evangelical Church. 

Meet the Pastor

Jesse grew up in Austin, TX. His wife Mercy grew up near Dillion, Montana. They met after being introduced by family.  Jesse felt the calling from the Lord at this time. Jesses went to seminary at Multnomah University and then married Mercy who was a cardiac nurse at this time. And now a stay-at-home mom, Jesse, and Mercy love to enjoy the outdoors and share the Lord’s word. He feels very honored to serve in the beautiful town of Sweet Home with the
S. H. Evangelical church

Pastor Family Photo.jpeg

Pastor Jesse Hey wife Mercy two sons Aaron and Titus the baby

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