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We’ve discovered that attempting to thrive while living “off-grid” isn’t very effective. Following Jesus’ command, “Follow me,” we’re dedicated to fully engaging in his life and mission. If you get close enough, you’ll notice that we’re still a work in progress and haven’t arrived yet. We’re not a religious showroom, but rather, a spiritual repair shop where the broken are embraced and encouraged to discover hope, healing, and support. To put it differently, we’re a clinic for the soul. Whether we need a major overhaul or just routine maintenance, we find assistance through community, prayer, and the teachings of God’s Word. 

Weekly Schedule


9:10am  - Sunday School

10:30am - Sunday Services


10:00am - Women's Prayer Time, Church


8:00am - Men's Prayer Time, The Point restaurant


6:00pm - Grief Support  Group, Ministry Center

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